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Upcoming Events

Sat, Mar 25th 10:30am
Birthday Party
Tue, Mar 28th 8:30am
Musical Singalong
Windermere Prep
Sat, Apr 1st 10:30am
Musical Singalong
Barnes & Noble
7900 Sand Lake Rd
Orlando, FL 32819
Price: Free
Mon, Apr 3rd 9:30am
Musical Singalong
Wicklow Elementary Pre-K
Tue, Apr 4th 8:45am
Musical Singalong
Layer Elementary Pre-K

Ready to put your boogie shoes on?

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With sing-along tunes about fish, skunks, cool snakes and girl pilots,
Mr Richard plays music for hip kids.

Hot off the presses

Sat, Oct 24th 7:50am

Mr Richard On Pandora Radio

Make your own "Mr Richard" station on Pandora! That's right: Pandora, the free internet custom radio service (, has a "Family" genre, so just enter "Mr Richard" or "Mr Richard and the Pound Hounds" (the word "Family"or "Children" will appear in parentheses) and you're all set. Not only will you hear Mr Richard tunes every so often, but Pandora will also play songs by other kids' artists that you might like!