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Upcoming Events

Wed, Sep 17th 1:00pm
Musical Sing-Along
Parke House Academy
Wed, Sep 17th 1:30pm
Musical Sing-Along
Parke House Academy
Thu, Sep 18th 10:30am
Music For Aardvarks
Winter Park Community Center
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Thu, Sep 18th 5:30pm
Family Night
Chick Fil A
700 S Orlando Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789
Price: Free
Fri, Sep 19th 3:30pm
Musical Sing-Along
Boca Raton Library
400 NW 2nd Ave
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Price: Free

Ready to put your boogie shoes on?

Feel free to contact Mr Richard if you have any questions about events or booking.

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With sing-along tunes about fish, skunks, cool snakes and girl pilots,
Mr Richard plays music for hip kids.

Hot off the presses

Tue, Sep 16th 8:46am

Family Night @ Chick Fil A

Thursday night is Family Night with Mr Richard at Fairbanks Chick Fil A in Winter Park! The action, er music starts at 5:30pm, so be there!
Sat, Aug 9th 9:00pm

Music For Aardvarks Fall Sessions

Mr Richard leads these fun movement & music classes for your little one at two locations beginning Sept 1st: Mondays @ 10:30am in the UCF area, and Thursdays @ 10:30am in Winter Park. Brought to you by the fine folks at Grow And Sing Studios; click here for full details and registration.
Sat, Oct 24th 7:50am

Mr Richard On Pandora Radio

Make your own "Mr Richard" station on Pandora! That's right: Pandora, the free internet custom radio service (, now has a "Family" genre, so just enter "Mr Richard" (the word "Family"; will appear in parentheses) and you're all set. Not only will you hear Mr Richard tunes every so often, but Pandora will also play songs by other kids' artists that you might like. So, let the computer-based rocking begin!